Do I Really Need A Primer?

If you’re not used to using it, primer may seem like an unnecessary hassle. But if it is a part of your daily routine, you probably know why makeup artists are obsessed with it. Primer can be an amazing thing!


Try these 7 tips to get the most out of your primer experience:

  1. Brighten up dull skin or neutralize red skin by going for a tinted primer
  2. Less is more: a small drop of primer goes a long way, use a small amount for even coverage
  3. Don’t forget your eyes! Not only can primer around your eyes prevent smudging and creasing, it can soften wrinkles and counteract redness
  4. Use eyelash primer before your regular mascara for longer, thicker lashes
  5. Skip spot treatments if your primer contains any anti-acne ingredients that may irritate your skin
  6. Don’t forget a lip primer and if you’re out, your face primer will work in a pinch!
  7. To set your makeup, always finish with a powder!

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