Review: Coconut Pucker Up Lip Mask from TJ Maxx

I was walking around looking at all the skin care products in TJ Maxx today and I stumbled across this pack of 5 lip masks. Usually, I purchase all my skin care from Sephora but that gets quite spendy. I’ve never tried a lip mask before, so, I grabbed the face masks that I wanted to try and scooped these up too.


The box includes 5 lip masks. It was $4.99 for all 5. So at $1.00 a piece, I couldn’t really pass them up. Living up north, in the winter especially, your lips can really pay the price from the cold wicked wind.

The directions are very simple:

  1. Remove lip mask from pouch
  2. Apply mask to lips and softly use fingertips to smooth out any wrinkles.
  3. Let mask sit for 15 minutes. For best results, do not talk or open/close mouth during this time.
  4. Remove mask and discard. Massage remaining serum into lips.

This is what it looked like when I first applied it. It was very wet. I wasn’t quite sure if I should just lay it on with my lips closed or not, so I had them parted just a tad and poked the mask in to get the product covering my whole lip. I wouldn’t recommend doing this when your kids are awake, they were fighting and I couldn’t do anything but snap at them to get their attention lol 🙂


Overall, I feel like they worked well. I’m not sure how often they recommend doing them, it doesn’t state on the package. I image i’ll do them at least twice a week to try and get the best results. I did search online for the brand and the product name and I couldn’t really find anything on them, so, i’m not really sure.

The lip masks at Sephora run $3.00 per mask. I compared the ingredients and they are very similar. So, if I do decide to continue using lip masks, I will continue to buy them at TJ Maxx.  Especially since I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks that dry matte, having moisturized lips makes the product look much better!

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