Becoming an Avant Garde MUA

Avant Garde (a French term meaning ‘advanced guard’) makeup is more artistic, dramatic and extreme compared to your typical makeup application. It is the exact opposite of a natural look. It’s basically anything new, experimental, creative, unique and innovative.


You will typically see Avant Garde on runway models. You could also see it in magazines, pageants, fashion shows, photo shoots, advertisements, holiday events and performance events. Some of the teenage girls are now doing these types of looks for their prom and senior pictures.


If you’re looking to get a job doing Avant Garde makeup, first start with your portfolio. If you don’t have any professional pictures, start with pictures of yourself or friends. You could organize a weekly wine and snack night with your girlfriends and do their makeup. If you can, invest in a decent light ring to really enhance the quality of your photos. Then once you have a few pictures, reach out to your local photographers and see if they’re already shooting pictures like this. If not, maybe they’d be interested in linking up with you to start offering these types of themed photoshoots to their customers.


Create a business Facebook page, if you don’t already have one, where you can post all of your work. Create a post looking for juniors or seniors who want a free makeover and in return you can use their pictures for advertising. It’ll help spread the word throughout the high school because teenage girls, more often than not, tell everybody everything and post everything on social media. They’re always looking for something new and different to set themselves apart. On top of all that, it’ll give you the opportunity to continue to practice on different faces.


Keep an eye out on your city’s events calendar for social events that you could offer your services. Sometimes our city has a fashion show fundraiser. If your city does different things like this, you could offer to do makeup. It’ll get your work professionally photographed, again ask for the rights to use the pictures. Does your city have a free local magazine or advertiser? You could post a picture of your work in there with your contact information. Just always keep your eyes open for an opportunity to get your work seen. Once you have enough professional pictures out there, you won’t have to put so much effort in getting yourself or your services known, people will be coming to you.

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